Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ririn Ekawati (Foto: Radarcirebon)

ANAK-ANAK sering rewel di pesawat, baik akibat tekanan udara maupun turbulensi. Aktris cantik Ririn Ekawati punya cara biar anak tidak pernah rewel.

Fasilitas di pesawat ternyata membuat anak Ririn menjadi tenang dan tidak rewel seperti anak yang lain. Karena sang anak menikmati hiburan sehingga tidak berpikir tentang hal buruk di esawat.

“Anakku tidak rewel saat duduk di pesawat. Karena dia menikmati hiburan yang disediakan di pesawat, seperti nonton film,” kata Ririn kepada Okezone di Gedung Djakarta Theater XXI, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, Rabu 7 Januari 2015.

Hal tersebut membuat pemeran Salma dalam film ‘Di Balik 98’ ini merasa senang. Karena ia tidak repot mengatur dan meminta anaknya untuk tenang. Kepanikan anaknya masih dalam tahap wajar, sebab sang anak hanya minta Ririn memeganginya ketika pesawat mendarat.
“Paling di saat landing pesawatnya suka goyang-goyang, dia cuma minta pegangan tangan,” tutup Ririn.
Had a stupid day yesterday, filled with people who I wanted to strangle. Instead either walked away from them or sent them an email to asking them politely to refrain from being horrid. Both apologized after, so that says something.

Anyway, the cure for my stupid day was a piece of old fashioned chocolate cake and a reviving cup of Earl Grey at Baked Expectations with my friend Elizabeth. And since I was falling off the wagon, I dragged O with me and took him home a piece of chocolate orange mousse cake. Total cost? $20. Yep. Food budget for the week blown in one frosting-filled evening.

It was so delicious. And I felt so much better. And we almost made it the entire month. But excuses, excuses. Will channel my guilt into summarizing our experiment next week.
Monday - perogies, beans, fried onions and corn (sensing a pattern here?)
Tuesday - tofu and zucchini in a black bean sauce with rice
Wednesday - omelette and spicy potatoes
Thursday - leftover omelette with toast (O in Calgary, so not inspired to cook for myself)
Friday - sichuan eggplant with rice
Saturday - gingered carrot soup and my first attempt at focaccia bread
Sunday - not sure, but either pasta with tomato sauce or going to O's dad's
Okay, first of all, check out my rockin' focaccia bread. This is how we've been eating on $20 each a week.

Second, our lessons learned:

$20 a week for food really is no fun. Eating is an incredibly social activity, but on this budget, you can't afford to entertain or to go out. Potluck would definitely be an option, but it wasn't something we got around to organizing.
$20 a week for food for one person would be tough, but when it is $40 for two, it is much easier. With $40, you can buy bulk quantities of things like rice, and it works out much cheaper in the long run.
It is not as much work to plan meals as you might think. The first week we put a lot of effort into it, but by week two, we were sort of winging it and it all worked out fine.
It is a lot more work to actually make all your meals. This budget doesn't allow much room for convenience foods. When you are having a busy week, taking the time to cook can be a huge burden.
You really have to know how to cook in order to live on this budget. We are both comfortable in the kitchen, so we actually ate better in March than we usually do because we were making an effort to be creative (see focaccia bread above!). Instant foods (other than Monday night perogies and beans!)were out of the question for us.
If you don't know how to cook, then this budget limits you to only the worst foods. We were actually eating healthier because of the planning we were doing.
We had to do a lot of compromising. Most of the organic food we usually buy is out of our price range, but we found that there were many local choices. For example, we couldn't afford the organic potatoes which came from the US, but we could afford locally grown non-organic potatoes. I insisted on organic apples, but with the rest of the food, we only bought organic if the price was comparable, like with dried lentils.

Third, for a variety of reasons, we find ourselves quite skint these days. The menu planning and home cooking have really been working for us, so we are keeping up with the $20 each a week for food until our finances are more stable. We will be putting aside an extra $10 each so we can go out for coffee or dinner once in a while or have people over, because that is something we've really missed.
The large planter outside my workplace was seriously pathetic. There are quite a few ferns that seem to be thriving, but the rest of it was filled with weeds, cigarette butts, pop cans and other assorted garbage. My co-workers and I decided that we were sick of walking past this eyesore everyday, and have adopted this potentially beautiful garden.

It is only semi-guerrilla gardening because I did call property management to find out if by chance they might be planting it this year. They answered in the negative and told me that if I wanted to plant it, I could "knock myself out." This was all the permission we needed.

Below are the before pictures. Will post updates. So far we have weeded and cleaned, then planted old fashioned lilies, day lilies, wolfsbane, sun flowers, big bluestem, lily of the valley and himalayan impatiens. Daisies are coming this week. Our poor plants have suffered through a wind storm and two major deluges in the two short weeks since they moved into their new home. They are a bit battered, but still standing strong.

(Side note... my workplace may not care much about flowers, but they provide lots of bike racks!)
Sunflowers are gone. And by gone, I don't mean dead (though I suppose they probably are). I mean, there is no sign that 5 sunflowers were ever planted. And one of the himalayan impatiens died. Stem snapped in the latest torrential rain.

But the good news is that I got 9 free rudbeckia that were leftovers at the community garden. May also be able to snag some salvia and possibly some peppers and tomatoes. So things are still coming along nicely.

No rain today. No rain predicted until Thursday. Just sun and warmth. Grow, plants, grow!
Broke again. Since this happened around the same time last year, I'm blaming December. The whole holiday season is so expensive. Not just buying gifts, but all the eating out, drinking wine, making cookies, traveling to visit loved ones...

So here we are. Eating on $20 each a week until the end of February. That's right... 8 whole weeks. Went a bit over budget this time because we miscalculated. Thinking we had enough money to cover raisins, I threw a tub of them in the basket. Organic no less. And then I ran to the corner store and bought $10 maple syrup for our pancakes. Thought we had some in the fridge, but turned out we didn't and the pancakes were already in the pan. Still... this put us at about $60, which is about $20 less than we usually spend.

Menu for the week looks good:
Risotto primavera
Baked lentils, steamed carrots & mashed potatoes
Refried bean quesadillas with wild rice
Tofu stir fry
Some kind of soup using our slightly wilted veggies
Getting taken out for birthday dinner (yay!)
Lunches will be leftovers and/or salads. Breakfasts will be oatmeal (with raisins, of course) or cream of wheat. A healthy and relatively cheap way to start the New Year!