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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Despite my earlier complaints about supposedly "green goods", there are some things that need to be bought new and if an environmentally (and healthy) choice can be made, I say, do it. Case in point...

Probably more info than you need, but my undergarments are pathetic. Most pre-date my return to school six years ago, so they are shifty, saggy, creepy bit of cotton. Graduating calls for a celebration, and what better way than to toss those holey knickers and buy me some new pairs? Enter Blue Canoe.

Tried four of their styles: sheer low cut, sheer high cut, lace panty & string bikini (this picture is NOT me, by the way). Did an extensive search for something closer to home than California, but couldn't find anything attractive. Very happy with all the styles and have gone back and ordered multiples. If you are interested in ordering, the sizing was very accurate, so get out that measuring tape.
If cotton undies aren't your thing, Groovy Green has a long list of other places to get "sustainable skivvys".


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