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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I've become obsessed with the new, improved Skin Deep website. Part of that is residual weirdness left over from my thesis on breast cancer... trying to de-toxify my life in every way possible. Part of it is my sensitive skin. Part is environmental. In any case, I'm looking up everything I use and trying to find better products to replace them with. Was happy to see that the soap I've been using is way up the list of stuff that ain't bad for ya.

I've used the old version of this site before, and not thought much of it. Interesting, ya, ya, but for some reason it didn't grab me. Was directed to the new site from Conscious Cosmetics, which is a blog by the Breast Cancer Action Montreal folks. Love the way one thing leads to another on the internet, though it can also be a horrible waste of time.

Have been thinking about being an "environmentalist", and I'm not sure that's how I'd label myself. Almost all my environmental do-gooding has been a direct result of health concerns stemming from my mom's cancer in 1999, or from the fact that I'm a perpetual student i.e. perpetually broke. So, using baking soda and vinegar to clean? Healthy and cheap. Turning down the heat in the house? Cheap. Hanging laundry on the line? Cheap... maybe I should be saying frugal. Walking everywhere? Healthy and frugal. Growing my own veggies? Healthy and frugal.

Haven't quite got the point of making my own cosmetics. Mostly it's a lack of time to learn how. And not wanting to waste money messing up recipes. But thinking about it, and was happy to get some ideas thrown my way by CC.


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